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Book Big Bubba's as a Mobile Food Vendor for Fairs, Races and other Large Events.

Fans and regular patrons of Big Bubba’s BBQ may not be aware that the popular California restaurant chain got its start as a mobile food vendor in the concessionaire company, West Coast Concessions USA, also owned by Roger Sharp. In fact, the Big Bubba's BBQ food stand is one of the nation's leading event concessionaires for festivals, fairs, and other large events.

First developed in 1984 to operate at fairs and festivals on the west coast, West Coast Concessions took the next leap to becoming a national concession sensation in 1996, when Roger Sharp carried out his vision of creating a concession stand serving up a delicious, authentic BBQ experience, complete with oak-smoked grills, a variety of char-broiled meat and country music to whet the appetites of large crowds.

Since then, Big Bubba's BBQ concessionaire company has mastered the art of serving this unequaled BBQ event-dining experience to large crowds in a short time frame. Offering such meals as tri-tip, smoked turkey leg, pulled pork, spare ribs, grilled chicken and BBQ beef sandwiches and dinners, West Coast Concessions is now booked from coast to coast, lighting up the mobile food vendor scene at some of the largest state fairs, NASCAR races, and livestock shows in the USA.

If you are interested in booking Big Bubba's BBQ event concessionaire, or another of West Coast Concessions mobile food stands and vendors, for your next festival, fair or large event, please contact us by email or by filling out the concessionaire contact form.

View a gallery of images of Big Bubba's BBQ - West Coast Concessions event concessionaire stands at national events and fairs here.

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